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Tour A: Youbike +Taipei Bus Terminal

1. Youbike Tour:

his cycling tour will be started at National Taiwan University and ended at Taipei Bus Terminal. It will be a good time for you to ride a bicycle in the street of Taipei. It is a new experience for you and will make you know more about Taipei. You will pass many attractions during the cycling tour. These attractions including Da An Forest Park, Qingtian Street, Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall,Chi-Nan Church and so on.

Duringthis cycling tour, youwill know that riding a bicycle in the streets of Taipei is a good activity. In addition to achieving the goal of green transportation, you can also have an amazing experience of the live style of Taipei.

2. Taipei Bus Terminal

“Taipei Bus Terminal”is one of the core assets of T9 BOT, as it provides another means of convenient transportation, along with Taiwan Railway, HSR (High Speed Rail), the citywide subway and International Airport Express. These facilitate convenient connections to anywhere in Taiwan. Radium will construct an efficient terminal that provides well designed facilities and outstanding services.

Radium has appropriated a large amount of time and resources to build an exclusive management system that includes: a schedule display system, an integrated schedule information system and automated dispatch system. The terminal will be the largest and most sophisticated in Taiwan, and the standard of service and equipment equivalent to that found in most modern airport terminals.

Tour B: Taipei Double-Decker Sightseeing Bus + Taipei City Traffic Control Center

1. Taipei Double-Decker Sightseeing Bus

Provide a brand-new way for overseas and domestic travelers to travel in Taipei. Taipei City Government and the team introduce the double-decker bus and design two special sightseeing route of Taipei City. Hope you enjoy the charming Taipei City from the new attitude.

APP system with audio tour, there are Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean audio tour available in the initial stage. The system will expand with shopping function to provide traveler diversify travel itinerary and travel options. Hope to upgrade city efficacy by high technology and realize the concept of smart city.

The sightseeing bus runs along two routes, both leaving and ending at Taipei Main Station, Exit M4. On average, each journey from start to finish takes 100 minutes, however during rush hour may take up to 130 minutes. Bus intervals are approximately 30-40 minutes, and the time schedule for each line can be found lower on this page.

If you want to get more detail of the information of Taipei Double-Decker Sightseeing Bus, you can browse the website of “Guide to ( )"

2. Taipei City Traffic Information Center

In Taipei City Traffic Information Center, you can see some intelligent transportation systems which are applied in Taipei. In addition to providing real-time information to drivers and passengers, these systems also can make Taipei City Government handle real-time traffic events. Drivers can use the online systems to know which roads are jammed now and try to avoid driving on these roads. VD is one of way to collect real-time information. CMS(Changeable Message Sign) also directly show the real-time information to the drivers. Drivers can reaction immediately is depended on these intelligent transportation systems.

In addition, you can also know about the development of Youbike and the guidance system. The Guidance system of parking in Taipei provides the drivers parking information. It is also a convenient and useful system. Drivers can find the parking space easier than before.

Tour C: Taiwan Area National Freeway Bureau & Electronic Toll Collection

In order to let freeway users pay road tolls more efficiently and in a safer environment without stopping their vehicles and without using cash, this bureau is planning the「Public Participation in Build and Operate Project for Electronic Toll Collection System on Freeways」BOT promotion project for electronic payment of tolls on freeways. The aim is to increase capacity of tollstation, shorten the period needed to pay tolls, boost user convenience and safety and reduce air pollution.

Far Eastern Electronic Tolling Company (FETC) is one of 200 affiliated companies from Far Eastern Group (FEG). FEG successfully develops and manages variable businesses in communication and internet and innovative technology segments.

FETC was founded in 2004 and awarded by Taiwan Area National Freeway Bureau (TANFB) to build and operate the Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) system for the nationwide freeways. In early 2006, FETC successfully launched pass based ETC lanes among 23 toll plazas. Later on, after RFID-based ETC technology was introduced to the public in 2012, the utilization was high enough for TANFB and FETC to introduce distance-based and multi-lane free flow (MLFF) scheme with 319 gantries to the road users on December 30th 2013. Currently, more than 7 million car users are benefited from the ETC with more than 6 billion transactions. The Taiwan ETC system does not only enable the intelligent transportation environment and better services to the road users but also bring Taiwan to the new era of intelligent of transportation industry.